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No, just shocks.

Before I ordered you guys were pro bilstein, but I didn't see any coilover hate. Now you're making me nervous these are going to suck. I expected them to be far into the finishing returns bucket but I obviously don't want them to be worse than the $300 option.

I'll give them a call Monday and express my concerns, and see what they say.
When I talkd to them last time they seems pretty confident that I'd be happy with the tune they were giving me. But it doesn't hurt to double check. Buried in the valving for me, but they haven't been yet.

They also fix things after the sale if you're not happy. Revalve, re-spring, etc. That would be a pain, but I'm not stuck with something I don't like.

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John V
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Okay. The Eibach comment confused me.
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Just reading the title of this thread had me chuckling....

Rancho in the F250 and Bilsteins in the Yukon - those have worked out great. And are not fancy. Just good.

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Originally Posted by Nick M3 View Post
Firm shocks on a truck are a disaster. Get the Bilsteins. Seriously. They are really good and really cheap.
OK, so you weren't as right as you thought you were... but you were still more right than I was.

Round 1: Nick 1, Accutune 0.

I installed the shocks and at full soft (both low and high speed compression) it was not a good recipe. The body control was meh, and yet the small bump compliance wasn't great either. A bit of a floaty ride and still not plush over bumps.

I called Accutune and spoke someone who knew what he was doing. He looked at the valving given to me and said, "oh yeah, that's a stiff setup. You ordered while Ryan and I were out of town. The guy who set up your valving is new and made choices he shouldn't have."

But he was super nice and spent almost an hour on the phone with me, explaining how he's going to soften it up a lot and give it a very different characteristic. He'll plug one of the bypasses to give me more low speed compression, and then use a flutter stack to have less high speed compression. He insists that when he's done my, it will be far more pleasant and that my desired street setting will fall somewhere in the middle of the range of both adjusters.

So it absolutely sucks that they shipped me a shitty valving and I have to deal with this because I called at the wrong time. That's fucking lame. But he somehow quelled my rage by being super nice, no nonsense, honest about the mistake, and being committed to make it right. That said he's only paying for shipping 1 way (these fuckers are heavy). I debated making a scene over it, but it's not clear it's worth it. I mostly just want to end up with the ride I'm looking for.

Oh and he insisted that even what I have now is better than what I'd have gotten from Bilstein. He says they're valved far more digressively, so you get more body control at the cost of harshness. I've read multiple people in the colorado forums complain about the bilsteins as well.

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