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I liked my e46 and e92 when I owned them, but when I've had the chance to drive similar cars in the last few years I realized that I wouldnt want to go back. I kind of have that issue with any classic car- in theory, sure, I like the idea of a lot of olders cars and would like to drive them for a day or so. But in reality, I wouldn't really want to own one. I've slowly been spoiled by modern conveniences, tech, etc and there would be very few days where all the stars would align to be able to take an older car out by myself on the perfect road with the perfect weather, etc. One thing that always annoys me on pretty much any older car (even well built cars like meredes and 911s) is the amount of creaks/rattles). Just drives me nuts. That's fine if its just a cheap beater, but not for something i want own and really enjoy. If aFor any sort of daily use type of activity, I find that I always prefer the newest car possible.
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There's a big difference between wishing you hadn't let go of something and the wisdom (or lack thereof) that would have accompanied keeping them.

In different ways, I terribly miss my (and there may be a few others I'm forgetting):

1969 Corvette
1970 Cutlass Convertible
1976 Delta 88
1976 280Z
1986 Mustang GT (both of them)
1990 Mustang LX 5.0 (but not so much the '88 and '89 GTs )
1990 Mitsubish Galant
1991 Miata (despite the fact I still have it)
1991 Q45
2002 325xiT
2004 RX-8
2017 Camaro 2.0T (can I post date this post by a short period of time?)

I've often thought, "I should have kept [any of the above]," but there is not a single time I know that would have been the right choice.

Among us all, FC letting go of the 997TT is the only bad choice for any of us to have moved from any of them.
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Originally Posted by clyde View Post
Among us all, FC letting go of the 997TT is the only bad choice for any of us to have moved from any of them.
Way to single me out!

Honestly, the M3 is most of what the 997TT was with FAR more utility, safety, modern amenities, and less DB footprint (even against an orange M3). And having had the trip of a lifetime with the family when we got it, it has indelible memories associated with it to boot.

When it hurts is when and if I unfairly directly compare it to the Miata.

The most fun car I ever had was the 987S. That's why I still would love to have an H6 Boxster with a MT.
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The only one I miss is my 987S

I sold it since a 2 seater was just impractical for a 3-person family. Loved driving it, but it was also a bit much for a commuter car. But I had it just shy of 3 years and put ~35k miles on it, did a couple solo road trips (a bit loud for freeway trips).

I miss the mechanical aspects of it -- the sounds it made, the feel it had on the road, even the smells (there was always a bit of fuel smell from the residual exhaust that I could smell after driving...). And I'm always a sucker for a convertible...
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The best all-around car I've owned was the E46 ZHP, which was just a really nice blend of performance and utility. Do I really regret giving it up? I don't have unlimited space for cars, so keeping it would have meant missing out on one or more of the cars I've had since, which have all been pretty interesting (a 335, an E90 M3, an E61 535, a Model S, a P85, and now the Model 3).

Semi-related, I realized this month marks my ten year anniversary with the 987, which is totally crazy. Also crazy is being able to drive around today with the top down.
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I agree with Kevin, my E9 was so much raw fun. Of the three BMW's I've owned, it was the one I think of when I see or hear "ultimate driving machine"

A few cars after it, I owned a Triumph GT6+ MKII. It also was a blast to drive (when it was running good-very good) The straight 6 in it was so hard to keep running perfect. It was like two 3 cylinders engines with just one crankshaft. Two carbs, two distributors (Lucas, of course) ((with points and condenser)) Even back in early 80's it was a money pit. It would have been great fun to autocross it. Did autocross exist in 1981?

Lately, I miss my S4, but selling it was the logical thing to do when moving back east via RV (damn logic, should of bought a trailer to tow it here)
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