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Originally Posted by TD View Post
Are you seriously late to this party? There are a few (long) thread here were all of these details are discussed in typical 'Mudgeon obsessive fashion.
Matt Notes version:

RX-8 with pistons instead of spinning triangles (so, better mileage, less oil burning, etc, but similar power and power delivery) and suspect tires. Two versions that are pretty much the same, one by Subaru, one by Toyota/Scion.
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Although one test I read said the suspension setups were noticeably different. IIRC, the Scion was tuned for a bit less understeer.

Very neat looking car, but not what we were looking for. Otherwise I would have gotten it.
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Awesome. Congrats.

But, that is quite possibly the worst new car pic that I've ever seen.
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I wasn't going to say anything, but now that Bren mentioned it, yeah, the picture makes Stuka's photo's look brilliant

Get out in the sun and take some good shots for us!!
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C'mon man! Better pics, now!
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I've been REALLY interested in these since the concept car debuted back in, what, 2009? I think it's great that you got one and I'm thrilled you like it as much as you do.

Just a point, the "Prius tires" description is a bit misleading. They are tires that can be spec'd on the Prius but they are a high performance version. Not the cheap shitty econo tires.

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I promise I'll have better pics soon. I know the one I posted was terrible. I will post some better ones when I get back in town.
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congrats and I am jealous, still following the twins
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Originally Posted by equ View Post
C'mon man! Better pics, now!
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Geezus, who took THAT pic ?

Stevie Wonder ?!?!

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