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booger sugar
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What ev's
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Originally Posted by robg View Post
lol...are you sure it was sugar? That's strange for a BMW dealer trying to sell a low mileage high end car without properly detailing it.
LOL that is exactly what my brother said to me when I told him

It was pretty crazy for a low mileage car to be such a mess on both the interior and exterior.
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John V
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The Boxster I currently own came from a Porsche dealer and was a pretty low mileage (though not 5k) car. I bought it sight unseen and had it shipped out after looking at 50 or so pictures, and the sales person promised it was scratch and ding free except for a couple (Badly) touched-up spots on the hood.

They forgot to mention the scratches where the seat belt buckle had clearly been shut in the door, plus the fact that the wind blocker (plexiglass) was completely scratched to shit, plus all the scratches on the door panel leather.

Bottom line, dealers generally suck balls.
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Originally Posted by dan View Post
booger sugar
2011 1M
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