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What ev's
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Very cool ... you've got to be pretty happy and btw Clydes car looks pretty bad ass !!
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John V
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Originally Posted by kognito View Post
I see the driveway run was without the splitter. I'm guessing loading and unloading from the trailer will also be without the splitter.

Just curious, quick is that operation?
The car can get on the trailer with the splitter on. I had it off for the test drive because I was still trimming the air dam and I wanted it off the car when I was washing it. I didn't put it back on until I started working on the decals.

If I have to remove it, it's two clips in the front and two 6mm bolts in the rear. Very quick, but the front wheels need to be up on ramps or jackstands to get it off.

I'm happy but cautiously optimistic. I haven't really given this thing its first stress test yet, so I don't know what's going to break first. Could be something minor like tire interference or one of my mounts cracking a weld, could be something major like the engine having a problem during tuning. I just won't know until I start to hammer on it.
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