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Originally Posted by clyde View Post
Now up to six total washes and 3,300 total miles since applying Sonax PNS four months ago (minus 10 days). In the eight weeks since the last update, it's had two washes and been on two road trips (DC to/from Bristol, TN and Toledo, OH) accounting for about 1,700 highway miles.

Water still beads and sheets off as well as the last update. Cleaning up bugs is like nothing. Leaf blower effectiveness is further degraded than the last update and I'm having thoughts about reapplication to bring it back. After the last few washes, I've reapplied in a few small areas after using Mothers R3 Rubber Remover to remove some cone juice and some Citrol APC to clean up some unknown substances that found their way onto the car.
After returning from Lincoln, NE last week, I reapplied Sonax PNS. To clean up cone juice, seam filler marks, and some unknown stuff on basically all vertical surfaces, plus some spots higher up where I others had touched or rubbed it.

I knew I was going to do it before starting the last wash with the original application because of how much had been removed everywhere. Water still beaded and sheeted just as well as when fresh (except where it had been removed), but the leaf blower just left behind too much water compared to when the product was fresh. I did not give time for bugs to bake in as I washed the car the day after completing the 1,300 mile drives to/from Lincoln, but it took very little effort beyond pointing a hose at them.

So, final stats before reapplication was necessary for me (which is probably earlier than it would be for most people)

6,871 miles
Five months (22 weeks)
9 total washes (8 at home, 1 in a DIY stall in Lincoln, NE)

I'm happy with that performance.

The new application went much faster and easier than the first application. Soon after my original application, Nick demonstrated his technique and I understand why he thinks it's so easy. While I could not let myself apply/remove in as carefree a style as Nick, I did see that I had probably been a bit too obsessive in some aspects and made a mental note to try it differently if I were to reapply. Fortunately, I recalled those notes and they were quite helpful.

Using an applicator sponge vs a microfiber towel to apply is a big help in getting the product on the surface. Sonax PNS is very tacky when applied and removed and has a habit of grabbing the medium you're using. Sponges don't lend themselves well to being grabbed. You can feel it, but it does not fuck up the application leading to uneven coverage and missed spots with a sponge like it does with a towel.

Using a towel for removal, using less pressure than I used the first time lessens the grabbiness of the product, so removal is easier. It's still a PITA, but this was maybe only 30% as bad as the first time.

Also, I applied in larger sections this time as I probably took the "apply in small sections" instructions a bit too far. The last thing that I think helped was that I spent a lot less effort on being sure to remove every last bit of product before moving on. That was a big time suck the first time. By making a good faith effort on the initial removal pass and then leaving whatever to the end was very helpful. On first application, I took the "be sure to remove the product promptly" type instructions too literally. After my first application I also found spots where I hadn't removed all of it a few days later and it came off just fine. You can do the whole car and then come back for touch ups without ill effect.

All told, this second application was still more of a PITA than Meguiar's Fast Finish, but not too much and not so hateful like it was the first time.


I still need to correct the paint. It's annoying me more and more. Also starting to pick up some chips. Oh well.
Really, really, really need the paint correction. Last winter, I decided I was going to reward myself for doing something I was dragging my feet on by getting a really nice random orbital and I finally did the thing in early August...but haven't bought it yet. I think I'm going to tell my family they should get it (and some pads and product) for my upcoming birthday.

But it really needs it. Once I do that, I can put Paint Protection Film on the sections in front of the rear wheel wells where it's most vulnerable and was a problem on the turbo.

Gtechniq G1 Glass Coating
In late June, just before heading for Bristol, I applied a Gtechniq coating to the exterior glass.

So, was it worth it?
After two and a half months and 3,500 miles, I would answer with an unqualified yes. Seems to be working just as well as when it was brand new and no real changes to what I wrote last time. Not sure if it's protecting at all against pitting, but I also can't say that I know it's not, so that's good. (I don't expect it to help, but I'll hope as long as I can.)

OH NOES!!!!!1 MY CAR HAS T3H UND3R5T33R5555!!!!!!1oneone!!!!11

Team WTF?!
What are you gonna do?
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