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Originally Posted by lip277 View Post
This is too funny....

The most 'fun' I have ever had was in a car with 120HP.

Even my 997 isn't more 'fun' than my old 2002.

But that's just me.
Where is the like button.
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Originally Posted by rumatt View Post
Zach wouldn't be caught dead driving his family around on weekends in Chevy Malibu.
Yet Iím currently driving a Hertz-provided Impala...

Originally Posted by rumatt View Post
You realize they both drive Tesla's right?

The silent thrust is the best part!!!!!

Have you driven one?
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Originally Posted by JST View Post
The others are right, though--next to the Model 3 or Model S, every internal combustion engine feels like its both gutless and expending way too much effort to accelerate.
Ha- was wondering when Tesla would be mentioned in this thread. Not to add gas to the fire, but given how some of the die-hard manual lovers here bought Teslas, maybe it's worth considering a used model S...
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