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Wheel minutiae - B vs. J profile?

I'd like to get a winter set for the Mac turbo. I'd just say Mac but the 'turbo' matters because of the brake clearance. I found a good looking 18" set a solid 2hrs away. 235/60/18 and 255/55/18. The total diameters are good, so are the bolt pattern and the widths. They came off a 2016 Macan S. The price is substantially less than competing used sets and they have my favorite tires, the Blizzaks.

Now, my manual does not specify any 18" wheels, but I do believe (and I'll double check when I get home), that the emergency wheel for the Mac is an 18" one. So, some 18" wheels fit. E.g tirerack specifies 18" BBS SR but not other 18" wheels...

Here are the details on the emergency wheel: 6B X 18 H2 ET 14

Assuming the front brake is the issue (stupid Macan is on stupid staggered wheels, no matter the config),

the wheel I'd like to use (but am too far to try on) is: 8J x 18 H2 ET 21

ET 21 is less than ET 14 but the extra 2" of width of which half will go towards offset should more than make up for it and avoid the need for spacers.

Have any of you dealt with B vs. J profiles? This is just the bead shape and has something to do with clearance or not?
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