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Originally Posted by JST View Post
Yeah--I'd like one, but am I ready to own (and spend 90K on) a car that might leave me stranded and for which I am (charitably) a cooperative development partner? It sounds interesting, but I suspect I would be cursing it/smashing it with a sledgehammer the first time I needed to be at the airport and the car wouldn't unhook from the charger.

Also, how are Teslas in the heat? Have they had range issues like the Leaf?
Because $90k traditional internal combustion engine powered German cars have never left their owners stranded? So what? You call roadside assistance, wait a little bit and get on with your day. If it was likely to happen often, that's one thing, but what we seem to be seeing and hearing about is an occasional stranding...perhaps a little more often than other cars, but is it really enough?

But here's a question: when you're 70 years old ("you" here applies to any of us), do you want to be telling your grandchildren about the time you had the first generation electric super sedan? Or do you want to tell them you were a pussy and afraid that it may one day leave you stuck in a parking lot like any other car could have?

Being on the bleeding edge has its downsides, but it's a fun ride. One worth taking when possible.
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