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Interesting 1 Series M Content

Came across these videos over on the 1Addicts site and figured someone else that still bleeds BMW blue blood like me might derive a few minutes of enjoyment from them. Who knows, maybe even Sean will be reminded at least for the time being he still has a little Topaz blue blood in him.

Fair warning, the first video with Herr Dr. Kay is all in German, but it's only just over 6 minutes in duration. And the best part is he displays his own personal 1 M in Monte Carlo blue individual color, plus divulges there were actually four individual cars produced; two in MC blue; one in Atacama yellow; and one in Java/Mamba green. Naturally Dr. Kay's 1 M has some other neat individual accouterments that we mere pond scum mortals never had a chance at (although I have to admit, the choice of chrome trim window surrounds in lieu of Shadowline is a bit puzzling to me).

But credit where credit is due, since it was his passion and to me his imprimatur that made this car come to life, sneaking it past the bean counters and going straight to the top people in the company to get them to endorse their approval for at least a limited production run.

If this company had more enthusiast types like Segler and Biermann I would feel better about my continued loyalty to the Roundel, but my hopes for any future Skunks Works experiments is quickly waning. Outside of the G87, which I am honestly lukewarm about, I can't see myself driving anything in the future from Bavaria. Frankly, EV's and SUV's are totally dead to me. I'd rather shoot myself, than drive something that is basically in my eyes a utilitarian appliance, regardless of its 0 - 60 times or how much crap you can haul around in it. Not gonna drink any type of that cool-aid, no matter if it's even Le Mans blue colored.

Which effectively means I am screwed when it comes to anything near new with even just a limited warranty in the future.

The second video is from a massive group meet of more than 80 1 M's at the Nürburgring at the end of August. It gets kind of redundant about halfway through, but for someone who has never seen another 1 M in the US of A it gives me hope that maybe one day I will stumble upon another one on the road. I would probably prematurely ejaculate if I ever did, especially considering my stage of life.

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Thanks, Mike!

Some great videos.

You do raise a good question about control over the soul of the company — i know we are hard on them (as we should be for how much their cars cost), but they might have less and less flexibility because they aren’t part of a huge umbrella like VAG as Porsche and Lambo are?

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