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Originally Posted by Alan View Post
Donít know how I missed this post ... I remember your 550 and I do agree these MĎishí Models really are great, my son who had the 17 340 and now has the 21 M340 is really amazed by his car, he literally comes home everyday from the office and will tell me how much better it is then the previous model.

Iíve said this before I am really happy with my 540 I canít even imagine how the M550 will feel but then again BMW is taking forever to build the damn car but that is another story
Yep. My 2 Mish is a really wonderful car.

While the Mazda is just great for what it is, itís not special like the 2. And, really, the Germans just button up and finesse so many more details beyond their obviously superior driving dynamics.

For instance, the native graphics in the Mazda look as rudimentary as Pong (that early video game). I could go on...

But this is about how good the quasi M cars are...
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