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Originally Posted by FC View Post
Correct. The car only came with a 120V charger. The Bosch unit was a necessity.

That is a big beef of mine: At work, the owner/CEO has a Model S and the "Charging Station" only has a NEMA 14-50 receptacle, which is useless to many people. The day I was dangerously low, I had to park awkwardly near the only 120V outlet in the exterior of the building.
Yeah, they installed 14-50s at my office to save money, but anyone putting in public EVSEs should really put in a J1772 compliant unit (though I suppose if Tesla gives you a charger for free it's hard to argue with that).
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Originally Posted by rumatt View Post

I doubt I'd bother selling it for $300 though. I would likely keep it because in a closet hoarder, then curse when I buy an electric vehicle in 4 years and the chargers are all different and I need to buy a new one anyway
As entertaining as American Pickers are (should they visit Matt?), I say sell it and don't keep stuff. If it's a few hundred $ transaction cost sub-50% chance three years out, who cares, another object you didn't bother to keep and catalog in your mind.
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Originally Posted by JST View Post
Not all EVs have cords that can plug into a 14-50. Teslas do, and Bolts might, but in many cases the EV manufacturer expects you to have an EVSE like the Bosch wall charger if you're going to charge at 240V (I assume that's true of the eGolf, which is why FC bought it in the first place).

Knew I was missing something. Still an EV neophyte. Thanks
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