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Originally Posted by blee View Post
I'll have to check out those threads when I'm on a computer that isn't so dumb about "security." But, yeah, I know that relatively few tool companies have their own factories. For as long as I'm aware, Sears never did, either, and I know there are some real tool geeks who know which companies made Craftsman tools at different times.

Still, it seems to me that branding does make a difference, in some cases. The same factory might push out open-end wrenches for three different labels, but to what tolerances and design specs are each of them manufactured -- even if they ship from the same building?
How much better does the theoretical tolerance need to be to justify paying 3-10x the price? I haven't bought a *lot* of "off brand" tools, but the Precision and CDI torque wrenches are great. Both of those were/are Snap On suppliers.
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