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good choice, TD.

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Originally Posted by clyde View Post
Will be interesting to see how it all develops. At some point, things should clarify. Until then, I'm constantly trying to build a metal crosswalk. In the end, owning a vehicle will require maintenance and repairs. The systems may change, the method of repair and replace may change, and costs and service times may change, but it's all the same. Just depends what pops out over there when you poke it here.
Yep. Regarding the battery pack, it stands to reason that in 8-10 years a new battery pack of the same capacity will be much cheaper. I suppose the uknown is whether Tesla would bother offering new/refurbished packs with the original capacity or if they'd sell you one with an upgraded capacity (and commensurate price). Then again, by that point, I wouldn't be surprised to see aftermarket companies stepping in with replacements (the car would be out of warranty anyway by that point). Of course, that leads to another unknown as to what post-warranty non-Tesla service looks like. Based on this article, it looks like Tesla is working on a program to support non-Tesla techs / DIYers but who knows:
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