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Have to say I think this is the right call!
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Agreed. Great decision. Love the one you’re with.
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Or at least save it long enough for me to get it after my 997 dies.

On a related note - I wish Ted's E39 M5 worked out for me. This fall is probably the time I will do something to replace the E38...

But back to the 911. As my car has 148k on it, I am now starting to think about how long I keep it and what I will do for a replacement. But... I think I have some time... The car runs great and does everything I ask of it.

I think the car you have is a keeper... But I am not biased at all. LOL

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Originally Posted by Josh (PA) View Post
so after some soul searching and long discussions w/ my wife (brainf--ing as she calls it) I am officially taking it off the market and keeping it. I really like it, and can't justify the $100k upcharge for basically a color change. Hopefully I can stick by the decision and stop driving my wife crazy with the perservations. She is adamant that she doesn't care what I do, she just doesn't want to hear any more about it.
Reminds me of how a friend of mine managed to convince his wife that he needed to get a 911 in the first place. She got so sick of hearing about it that she was like "just buy the damn car because I dont want to hear about it anymore!"

This was about 5 years ago. He ended up buying a manual CPO 991.1 for I think around 60k (imagine that now!), and keeping it for a few years. He never really bonded with it, and ended up going back to a Miata. Now, he's over cars entirely and just into biking. Kinda crazy since this guy was more obsessed with cars than any of us!
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