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Originally Posted by FC View Post

True. That was a lie. It is still bad. It's just not horribly bad.


Upon further driving I can bestow upon this car the title of most apocalyptically bad AT I've ever driven.

It's not just the timing, or the delay, it's that (in full auto mode) it literally will SLOW the car down as it tries to shift. It's ridiculous. It doesn't make any sense. I'd be willing to excuse it by saying it's a 6-8 yo car, but it has only 26k miles. If it went bad in so few miles it gets no pass from me.

In the hwy, the car was unnerving at 70mph. Never mind that it had no power, a mild cross wind would send it noticeably off course. Also, bonus demerits for a terrible blind spot since the B/C pillar is massive.

It's the worst car I've driven in a LONG time. And considering it's pretty new and doesn't offer some massive other benefit (massive cargo or towing, caterpillar tracks, sleeping quarters for 6, etc.), you can blame me for some recency bias, but it's likely the worst car I've ever driven.
How did I miss this thread? Bad cars like this are SOOOO entertaining. I do think the much maligned clownish Clarkson actually nailed this one early on about the Smart transmission:

Go to 6:10 if the timestamped link doesn't work:

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Originally Posted by Alan View Post
It bothers me too when they take matters into their own hands ... why didnít they do what you asked with the protection ... this is what just happened to my son when we picked up his M340 from the detailer who charged him $1650 for a full paint correction and ceramic coating ... they removed the factory rear lip spoiler which we asked them to do and put the carbon fiber rear spoiler on which my son purchased and they did a horrible job putting the spoiler on ... we didnít want the carbon fiber spoiler mounted we just wanted it ceramic coated but this shit happens ... they decided to do it and they messed it up.

It just amazes me these guys who are detailers donít pay attention to details !!

Big picture the car looks awesome but it just bothers me they never get it right ....
My plan is to buy material and cover the rocker panels as a way to teach myself how to apply film. Then hopefully I never have to pay for stuff again.
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What ev's
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Originally Posted by FC View Post
My plan is to buy material and cover the rocker panels as a way to teach myself how to apply film. Then hopefully I never have to pay for stuff again.
Iíd practice on the Miata first.
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