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Originally Posted by wdc330i View Post
Unfortunately, that makes sound business sense.
For them, maybe. Not for me!

Originally Posted by lemming View Post
In the coming months, this might be more common:
Perhaps? Would depend on a lot of details.

Originally Posted by clyde View Post
Mostly, it's kicking myself for not acting earlier when I knew I should have.
In another "I should have..."

Chevy has offered substantial conquest rebates to Mustang owners since early 2017. It's typically $2,000, but has been $3250 for 2020 Camaros (and $3750 for 2019s) since February. The current offer expires 3/31, but since it's been continuous for almost three years, I'd expect it to continue. The value may go down, but maybe (probably?) not anytime soon.

It now looks like I'm going to buy a friend's Mustang track car so I can title it and 30 days later, qualify for the rebate (assuming it still exists).

Just a few potential gotchas:
  • Maryland MVA branch offices and the "Customer Service Center" are closed, so, not sure how long it might take to get a title in my name or waht the "date issued" will be.
  • If MVA is open behind the scenes and processing titles, I'm not sure how I get them to process mine. Guess I'll be calling a tag & title shop in the morning.
  • Not 100% on what's required to "prove" ownership for the rebate. I can't find the fine print online anywhere to rule out any a limitations like it has to be registered, no more than X years old, etc and no Google searches have led me to anyone claiming that "jsut a title" was enough or "they wanted title and odometer reading" or something.

It will cost about $150 to get the title (plus title service fee?), so in the worst case it should not be an expensive mistake to try.

This, like selling the car, is something I should have acted on earlier and knew it. So, rather than find myself another 30+ days in the future without having bought anything yet, I'm going to try to fix it.
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