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Originally Posted by JST View Post
VA's order should still permit retail car sales to operate. As non-essential businesses, they are restricted but closure is not mandated.

Whether any of them actually still are operating is a different question.
Since the transaction would ideally take place in the first parking lot across the state line, no worries about the 10 person limit. Reading stuff on their Facebook page and a FB group, it sounds like they were still doing everything where they could as of early Monday.

Originally Posted by equ View Post
This is quite likely, but it doesn't hurt to try with a 16.5 to 17k offer. You'll get a car one way or another and at a deal... Let the investor funded online wunder-company take the hit.
Yeah, nothing to lose for me. Last grasp at cliff fell. If it works out, awesome! If I take a hit, so be it. I should have done this last week.
OH NOES!!!!!1 MY CAR HAS T3H UND3R5T33R5555!!!!!!1oneone!!!!11

Team WTF?!
What are you gonna do?
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