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So Lupinsea

You've had a few days to think about it, what did you think of the S4?

Oh, and we were noticed and reported . . . my boss's uncle is a sheriff with Snohomish county. I have met this guy, have seen his C4 vette, and I have discussed my S4 with him. He came into the store today and said a black audi convertible was reported speeding on Ben Howard Blvd!

He asked me about it, I said I was out driving it Saturday night, but I told him I wasn't speeding on any county roads.
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Sorry, yeah. . . it's been a few days.

I've got to say thank you again for letting me drive the S4! Fantastic car and reminds me of the specialness of German cars. There is a solidity to them you don't get with other cars, like they are built out of a solid billet of steel. And the Audi interiors are definitely the best, IMO.

The engine and exhaust noises that machine makes are great. Nothing obnoxiously loud, just a great V8 burble and rumble you never get tired of hearing. I need to fill up a CD with a recording of your exhaust note so I can play it back in the Miata.

As for the speeding . . . I have no idea what your boss's uncle is talking about . . . I didn't notice we were speeding at all. Granted, I wasn't looking at the speedo. But everything seemed perfectly right at natural traveling along that road so we must have been going the speed limit.

Note to self: people along Ben Howard Rd report speeders to the police.

"Jeep is the only true American sports car*" - Enzo Ferrari

* Or something to that effect.
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