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I'm bored

Need some sort of car-related project or distraction. The Tesla is great, the VW is great, both are fun cars to drive daily, but both are essentially "finished;" there's nothing more to do to either one.

The Porsche is also great, but JFC this week marks my 9th year of ownership, so it's not exactly fresh. I still love to drive it, on the rare occasions when I do--it's so much better, dynamically, than anything else I've owned, it's embarrassing, especially since it was built 13 years ago.

So, what should I do? Maybe it's time to sell the Boxster and move on to something else that would both be more interesting and something I could drive more (i.e., have kidspace). Like...idk. Visiting Nick's garage left ideas in my head about older BMWs. Like that 94 M3 on BaT. Or (even better) something like the perfect E36 M3/4.

Or maybe one of those 928s.

Or should I just go back to track driving? It's been laughably long but that was fun.

Thoughts? Input?
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