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help me pick

I don't what color to get or how much I might be willing to drop a few place down my preference list in order to get something that's available right now.

These are all the colors available on the 2020 Camaro. The only two that I absolutely do not want are Garnet and Red Hot.

Initially, way back whenever, I was pretty sure I wanted Shock. I've come to realize that I don't know if I can really pull that off. So, I think, if it was available and the price was right, I could buy it, but if there are bunch of them sitting there and I were to pick one, it wouldn't be that.

I currently think that Crush is my first choice. But, it's a lot of color for me. But, much of my life (automotive and everything else) has typically been an ongoing stream of basic dark and muted colors, often cheating towards earthy if off the black to white spectrum. Maroon instead of red. Navy instead of royal. Etc. The Focus ST in it's electricish blue was the most colorful car I ever owned where I had a choice in color (and would have bought it in "tangerine" yellow if I could have or been willing to wait). Part of me wants to have something that's big and colorful in my life, so why not the midlife crisis muscle car? Whatever I get will spend a lot of its time with a lot of stickers and decals all over it. And I think it will be more interesting looking in photos from events and regular scenics. But, I don't know. It's a lot of color. I'm also mildly concerned about how paint chips will appear.

Then, there's Black, Shadow Gray, Satin Steel tier, which is what I naturally gravitate towards. My issue with black is that it looks dirty quickly and I worry about paint chips being very visible. Other than that, I dig it and wouldn't mind. The gray and silver don't need to be "just washed" to have a "just washed" look. They also hide chips and scratches really well. I don't think the image do the gray and silver justice. They both have color in them cheating towards blue. The darker one is the closest match to the turbo. I'd kind of like to have something totally different, but kinda like it.

I'm not a huge fan of the Rally Green, but people really, really seem to love it. I don't dislike it at all, but it just doesn't do anything for me. The Q45 I had in the 90s was a very similar green. It's so far into my comfort zone that I'm just against it...unless the price was really, really right.

I've never willingly owned a white car, but there's something I really dig about the black and white look of the 1LE Camaros in the way that there's something I really dig about black and white cop cars. I drove a used white one in February. If not for some issues with the car itself, I probably would have bought it and been happy with the color choice. It's also probably best at hiding chips and scratches.

The blue is not my favorite blue of all blues I've ever seen on cars. But, I've had a lot of blue cars. And this blue doesn't beckon to me. OTOH, it's best compromise split of color and dark and muted. I'm sure I'd be happy with it.
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OH NOES!!!!!1 MY CAR HAS T3H UND3R5T33R5555!!!!!!1oneone!!!!11

Team WTF?!
What are you gonna do?
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It's an outrageous car. You should get it in a color. Colorful cars are good--in fact, you should peruse the twitter hashtag #getitinthegoodcolor for further instruction in this regard.

The last silver car I owned was that 1998 M3, and I regretted that it wasn't Estoril Blue every day. I've had a collection of black cars, which are...fine, but they are also kind of bland and as you note they show dirt way too fast.

These days, I have a red/orange car, an electric blue car, and a bright red car. In a sea of greige Lexus RXs, I don't regret any of those choices for a single second.

So, get the Camaro in the good color. Here, I'd say that's either Shock or Crush. I'd probably go with Crush, because highlighter yellow/green is a lot even for me, but on the other hand...what the fuck, why not?
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Shadow Gray looks bad ass.

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@clyde: I really like this power train. Shifter is a little gruff and the redline is low, but man, it’s fun.

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Riverside Blue
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I say Crush. Shock might be a bit much.

White bring out all the dark accents without a "look at me" contrasting color.

I'm meh on the grays and black for a combination of dirty and subtle. Same for me the green.

Blue could be good, but hard to tell from that rendering.

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Nick M3
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Crush, Red Hot, Shock. Those are the only colors. I don’t care that you don’t want Red Hot. You’re required to keep it on your list.
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None of those colors yell out to me. I'm normally a big fan of the dark grays because the color is classy + sporty, but doesn't attract attention from cops like red or yellow do. But that Shadow Gray looks like it has a blue tint to it, which appears dull to me. Almost military.

I'd usually also like that Riverside Blue, but it looks a bit off for a reason I can't pinpoint. Maybe it's the contrasting hood?

So that would then make Crush my first choice. If you have the self-control to drive a bright, fast car without attracting a lot of unwanted attention, I think that's the one I'd choose.
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My personal preference for you is:
1. crush
2. riverside
3. Shadow
4. Garnet
5. Satin
6. Shock
7. Rally
8. Summit

If I was owning it would be
1. Shadow
2. Riverside
3. Black
4. Garnet
5. Rally

I really didn't like Rally at first, but the more I stare at it the more it is growing on me.
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Originally Posted by Nick M3 View Post
Crush, Red Hot, Shock. Those are the only colors. I donít care that you donít want Red Hot. Youíre required to keep it on your list.
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