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Solving problems
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Originally Posted by JST View Post

Well fortunately my car is four years old, used only occasionally, and stored outside, so I am sure I won't have any battery issues in the near future.

Mine lives in a garage, but it does get cold in the winter (sub 40F). At least when I do drive it nowadays, I do get it nicely up to temperature for at least 20 minutes.
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Originally Posted by equ View Post
That doesn't hurt LiIon as much as it would hurt lead acid/AGM. I investigated LiIon for my larger bikes. They are stored indoors, but unheated, used infrequently in the cold and with no easy plug. The LiIon's - for motorcycles - are great for that, except they have trouble starting those big v-twin pistons in the cold. The battery itself doesn't degrade, with motorcycle size constraints, it just doesn't work as well as stock AGM so I stuck with that come replacement time. Perhaps that is why the bmw LiIon is so costly; that it has the CCA, the Ah and the LiIon technology. On the bikes, the LiIon is not as expensive (1.5 or 2x of AGM) but you give up some functionality.

For now, I try to run them at least every two weeks (really the KTM, as the 4-cyl kawasaki seems to be an easier starter). If we hit a long snowy spell, I'll pull the batteries and carry them into my basement to be plugged in.
That's promising--hopefully I don't have to replace it as often as a lead acid.


Sorry for the threadjack. I also agree about not storing your convertible with the top down. I've read that that is one of the reasons that 986/7 Boxsters all get that abrasion right behind the side window, from sitting with the top down too long.
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Solving problems
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Info on Li-Ion battery vs. AGM from BMW tech training on F8X. It is alleged to live twice as long.
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Josh (PA)
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Originally Posted by Alan View Post
Are having lines on the top *that* important to avoid ? To me there is something so cool about jumping into a convertible (or Targa/T tops) with the top down already. All convertible tops have wrinkles.

My only concern on the convertibles was not putting the top down while wet.
The creases turn into splits, frays or pulled seams.

That's the great thing with the SMARTTOP module in the Porsche. On your way to the car, you triple tap the unlock button on the keyfob and the top is down by the time you're getting in the car. Same with putting the top up, triple click the lock button and walk away.

WDC, They have the module for the 2 series: although you may be able to code all those features with bimmercode.

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For the soft top:
- I leave the car parked with the top up.
- I don't put the top down if it is not fully dry.
- The hand car wash I go to never puts soap on it, just water. It got mistakenly soaped maybe once in five years.
- Cleaning/protection: Twice a year, I spray cleaner and then brush. Then spray sealer. Was it Raggtop? Not entirely sure. Two spray bottles and one horsehair brush is the kit.

Car is in a dry, semi-heated garage. It looks like the day I got it. I can see some crease marks where it folds but no notable wear.
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