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This license plate is terrible. Also, sort of weird this guy took the badge off.
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I’m in Phoenix for a few days and finally got to see a Model 3 in person (other than 6 that were under car covers at the Cinci service center awaiting delivery)

I’ve seen 4 now:
- a red one in the showroom with the 19 inch wheels. I really liked it. I sat in it, played around with the screen etc. I mostly like the looks, although wish it was a hatch like the S. Interior room is nearly as big as the S, just a bit narrower. I really like the interior, although the screen felt small compared to the S. The new screen layout will take a little getting used to though.

- 2 dark grey ones at one of the new Superchargers that opened up since I left. Both had the 18 inch stock wheels with the incredibly fugly aero wheel covers.

- a silver one on the road this afternoon. It was heading towards me — and that’s when the shape looked weird. It’s a combination of the low cowl and bulbous greenhouse, along with being on the road with other cars. I’m not completely put off by it, but it does look strange from certain angles, especially on the gray/silver color.

But I really like it in red. I’d also like to see one in white.
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