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Which car do you wish you had not let go and why?

For me, it's my 2006 E46 M3 convertible. Despite the forks in the blender sound, the aging tech, and the harsh ride, I have not had a car as special since. May also have to do with it being a manual and a more engaging experience to drive.

Edit: Not sure if we have already assembled a thread like this. I'm sure someone will let me know if we have!
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Solving problems
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That's a tough one. I liked virtually all my previous cars. But they were let go for good reasons. No real regrets. I have more regrets about not having bought a couple of cars.

The closest is probably selling the ZHP given that I wound up keeping the 987S for only a bit over a year. But I did get a great deal on the 987S, didn't cost much to own, and I did get to experience that car. In fact, that is the car I wished I had kept even though it would have been very stupid to keep it because I would have hardly driven it. Prices did go up right after I sold it too. But it was the right call.

Similarly, I probably should have kept the 997TT longer, but there were financial reasons behind that move. As it turned out, we would have been fine keeping it, but it was still ostentatious, small, the kids were outgrowing it, and I banked a profit after 3 years.

So no real regrets.

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Josh (PA)
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I'm similar to FC, I miss my old e39 M5 and my e36 M3C, but I sold them both at the right time for the right reasons. I don't miss anything else that we've owned.

The 135 has been my favorite car I've ever owned. We will probably keep that even when we get the P-Car and sell the Z3.

On the opposite end of the conversation, both Acura MDXs were the cars that least delivered on their expectations and I wish I had gotten rid of sooner / never bought in the first place.
Josh (PA) -
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Slacker Extraordinaire
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Great question.

However, I have owned some pretty boring and mundane vehicles in my driving career. That said, my current 3 is the one that is most special to me.

And 18 years later with close to 170,000 miles, I'm not planning on selling her anytime soon........or if at all.
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The old cranky SOB....
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If I had a crystal ball and knew in a few years I would be moving into a place that had the room to store - I never would have sold the 2002.
The car was not the fastest. It was not quiet. It had odd foibles... But it was just a total blast to drive and served me well for 28 years.

But - I did sell it. That's ok. (it's now worth about 3 times what I sold it for though)

On the other hand - Can't wait to get the E9 back in a few months.

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Crazy Old Man
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The one I currently own and have for sale again. Why else would I have it for 12 years.

It’s not even gone yet and I know I will miss it. The S62 is just a wonderful engine.
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Originally Posted by Josh (PA) View Post
The 135 has been my favorite car I've ever owned.
Same. I definitely regret selling my 135.
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Nick M3
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I basically don’t sell cars. I’ll miss the E46 when I finally sell it.
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swinging for the fences
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Originally Posted by Nick M3 View Post
I basically donít sell cars. Iíll miss the E46 when I finally sell it.
Pretty much this, other than replacing the X5 every few years (nearly due). I kind of miss our old e53 X5 for the better comfort seats and non-terrible steering, but the extra power and gadgets in the F15 more than make up for it.

I definitely miss my 2004 Tundra but it was getting old, had frame issues, and having a pickup truck while living in the city was silly.

Never getting rid of the e36.
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What ev's
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It is funny you started this thread I was just telling my wife yesterday I wish I never sold my 1991 Black/Black Toyota MR2 Turbo. It just happened to be the car I had when I met her.

It's not like I could have kept it back then anyway being I needed the money to purchase my next car.
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