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Oil Changes - BMW and making

Hi everyone -

I have been doing oil changes in E38's for FOREVER and now have recently had a situation come up...

When being removed, the filter is not staying attached to the screw'd in cover so - when I go to remove the filter, the cover unscrews and leaves the filter seated in the housing not allowing the filter to drain.

As such - when the cover is clear of the housing - all the oil that is still trapped there spooges all over. I have to manually pull up the filter to allow the housing to drain.

I have had this happen a couple of times... The filter snaps into the cover ok (I guess) but the drag on the removal seems to overpower the retention on the cover. I placed a new filter on the cover and installed into the housing. I then remove the cover and the filter stayed seated in the housing.

I have been using Hengst filters for a while and have had this happen for the last 2 or 3 oil changes.

Thoughts? Any experiences with other brands?
Mahle, Bosch, Mann filters do better at this?

I may even get a new housing cover.... while the filter does seem to snap to the cover ok - maybe it is not 'ok enough' to overcome housing drag for pulling it up....

Either way - just wanted to see if any of you who wrench on your own cars have had any thoughts on this....


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