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Originally Posted by John V View Post
Were you raised to be prejudicial as well? Because you're pretty good at it, it seems...
I'm selectively prejudiced against obnoxious, pushy, selfish, inconsiderate, unobservant pricks. Even better when they think that cars are weapons to be used against pedestrians and other vehicles that just happen to be between them and Point B. Turns out that I'm surrounded by them, and it's wearing really thin on me.

And I also like to give people a razzing from time to time. And sometimes I take it too far. I'm sorry if I offended you guys. I actually have a ton of respect for pretty much all of you. Honestly, I do.

I'll do my best to not make another comment about northesterners. Yes, bonoboy, you can bookmark this post and use it against me in the future.

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A little quick update on this situation which for some reason is still ongoing...,1637602.story
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The police officer was reassigned - the video's been seen more than 3 million times - no one was physically harmed.

It's time for the family to move on.
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