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Originally Posted by ZBB View Post
I played around with the configurator a bit the other night... Had a Turbo configured at $120ish and a 4 at $88-91 depending on exterior color...

I'm not pulling any triggers until NACS ports are avail. Sounds like another year, and for the Macan it sounds like an adapter until there is a gen change or possibly a facelift (with the adaptor slated to be avail in '25).

In the meantime, it looks like Rivian R1S are starting to be avail quickly -- got an email from them with pre-configured options avail in 1-2 weeks, with configs ranging from ~$92 to $104.

Plan for us now is to buy something else in '25 or '26 -- likely to replace the Y. Our daughter is driving the 3, and plan is to have the be her car through college -- while its almost 5.5 years old, it only has 32k miles. The plan for the Miata was to keep it 3-ish years, and maybe replace it with a Boxster EV in '26 or '27...

I also noticed that thereís now more availability on R1S. The leases are still quite expensive on them (over 1k a month) but Iím sure the porsche lease terms will be even worse (they always are). So it Iím going to buy a highly depreciating EV outright Iíd probably favor Porsche given that I know theyíll be around in 4 years. With startups like Rivian who knows.

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