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Originally Posted by FC View Post
Ironically, ever since my used 190E, I've never aligned a car. Even the ZHP which was a daily for 6 years always tracked true. I inly aligned the WJ Jeep GC and the LR4 recently because of suspension work. Perhaps I am naive, but I am not too worried about the roads. The area where I drive has pretty good roads (great for Boston standards).

JST brought up the Panamera. My issues with it other than it being even more money was the size. There is also the perception element. To non-car people, an M5 looks like 5 series.

One thing I will say is that on a car as loaded as a fully-optioned M5, a lot of the things that would cost an arm and a leg are free if they are even available.
Good feedback. I would need some extended driving time to see if I could live with a car this big (the M5 is not tiny either).

I get your point about the M5 serving its mission as under the radar too. Good point.

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