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Originally Posted by John V View Post
Our Mazdaspeed just turned 188k. It'll probably hit 200k around the middle of next year at this rate.

Iím trying to follow your lead. Itís just ungodly to try to do this on an E61.

BMW longevity is super expensive just for preventative stuff.

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Originally Posted by wdc330i View Post
Wow. I hope you're not looking at snowy weather by then.
I might get a month in. Looks like a late Fall, so I'm selfishly hoping for a late winter. Some years we don't get salt on the roads until mid-December.
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We're probably about 115k on my wife's Outback purchased new in July 2013. My FoST, which I bought in Jan 2013 had about 70k when I sold it in February.

The Camaro has 11,700. It had 500ish when I got it home the day I bought it. Of those 11,700m miles, 6,300 of them are autocross related.
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Counting miles on your car is a funny thing, Iím pretty much the opposite of high mileage ... I was looking at the 911 and thinking do I drive this car enough ... checking the records it seems I put 1200 Miles on it in the last year...

I thought to myself this is ridiculous to keep this thing but I love the car too much to sell it ... at least for now plus it seems this car is not depreciating which like Plazís car is just weird
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