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Actually, I'd rather have a rear engined 911 than a front engined corvette (in any trim).

Would I like to have a true GT3 like option on the mid engine platform? Sure.

But to take your question to the asymptote, why pay big money for an Aston, or almost any S version Audi or Corvette? Front engine placement is just as stupid dynamically. Worse, most audits have 60% of their weight on the front axle.

I'd rather have 60% over the rear axle.

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Originally Posted by John V View Post
For me it's less a question of why people "forgive" the 911 for its issues and more a question of why Porsche doesn't build an all-out GT version of their mid-engine platform. The Cayman GT4 is a badass car, but it doesn't have all the tricks of the GT cars, in particular the much-wider front wheel and tire package and the extra front camber.
And even I could feel it. On the street, the GT4 felt less neutral than my lowly 981 Boxster S. The rear was mega-planted, especially with those 295 rears. Perhaps on the track that would go away?
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the latest performance of the 991.2 GT2 RS at the nurburgring would not suggest that there are serious performance deficiencies with being rear engined still.

but of course we would all love to see the 981 chassis with 700hp and appropriate tires to see how well it can do, unfettered, also.

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