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Curious- did you lease or buy it? In the past, I've noticed that, in general, Audi leases are not favorable compared to BMW and Mercedes. Overall though, I think they generally make the most appealing cars in the segments in which they compete with the other big 2. The new A6 looks great inside and out. Looking forward to trying out the new A4 this summer with Silvercar (they actually had the best deal on a week long rental)
Both the totaled car and new car are leased ... I did a 3 yr on the first one and a 2 yr on the new one. If you want the figures I paid send me a pm and I’ll be happy to give you the details.

The lease deal on both are decent ... not amazing but not horrible.

Btw the new A6 looks appealing I love my current one and did a 2 yr lease on it and it comes up at the end of this year ... I hope the new one is out in time though I’m pretty sure the lease will be ridiculous being that the car will be just coming out.
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