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It's been 3+ weeks so I thought I'd post some thoughts.

Short version, it's great. I drive it most days and am very happy with the decision to keep it.

LSD: I'm really impressed with how well it works. Stopped at a 90 degree corner, put it in first gear, turn wheel and floor it. The car just goes with no drama. After 14 years of one-tire-fire I'm still not calibrated to the idea that this is even possible. I'm really curious to see how it does in snow, and whether I will feel the desire to keep the wagon.

Engine: smooth and strong. No more 4k rpm dip, no more stalling on idle after getting off the highway. And I'm really liking the 3.15 gearing.

Shifter: I like it. At first I thought it might be too short, but I've been working on my posture (long story for another day) and I now sit more upright. In that position it's just the right height.

Shocks: this is the one thing I might change. The FSD shocks aren't bad but they're fairly soft and allow fairly rapid body roll. I can hear the voices of people who criticize that the E46 as too soft and disconnected, and somewhat agreeing with them. I've been too lazy to pull the trigger but at some point I'll send the Koni DA's away to be rebuilt and swap them on. They were a little harsh over bumps and potholes but they completely changed the personality of the vehicle. I'll keep the FSD's as backups and/or swap them on when I'm in the mood for a soft ride.

The bumper is still smashed and the driver's seat is fubar. I'm continuing to search ebay for replacements.
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