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Originally Posted by wdc330i View Post
D810 is ready to ship to some lucky new owner.

Super low 5500 shutter actuations.

--MB-D12 grip with battery covers for AA batteries and EN-EL15 and manual
--Original Camera Box
--Original Nikon Camera Strap
--USB cable
--EN-EL15 battery
--English Manual
--Body Cap

$1,500 plus shipping method of your choice takes it all.
Wow, Iíve done more than 5,500 shutter actuations in a single day a number of times.

Thatís a smoking great price! After the roof, with a new computer needed and a new Camaro in the near future, donít think I can do it, but sorely tempted.
OH NOES!!!!!1 MY CAR HAS T3H UND3R5T33R5555!!!!!!1oneone!!!!11

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