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Originally Posted by Josh (PA) View Post
my assumption is the chromed handle should thread onto the faucet fully seating. Is there any kind of set screw or means of removing the handle part from the internally threaded section so you can re-assemble that to the faucet then put the handle back on? Are the threads on the brass part of the faucet corroded or in some other way no longer engaging?
these threads, which look a bit corroded:

Once you get the handle fully re-threaded onto the faucet, then the plastic peice w/ the o-ring moves up and down within the internal of the faucet when the handle is turned to allow a 'metered' amount of cold water to mix with the hot. If the hande isn't threaded on, any kind of water hammer from turning the water on/off within the house could pop it off.

Caveat: I'm not a plumber.... good luck.
Originally Posted by JST View Post
My only contribution to this is that while there may be a way to repair that handle, faucets are fairly cheap and (assuming you have under-sink shutoffs, which you do) relatively easy to install. I would just put a new one in and not worry about trying to troubleshoot the failure of that handle/valve.
Originally Posted by Nick M3 View Post
Looking at that aged plastic, I wouldn't worry too much about diagnosing it. I'd go straight to Home Depot or Lowes or whatever and buy a new one. We're talking about $50 or less.
Yeah, so my wife had already decided she was going to buy a new faucet today. Because I have unnatural worry about the fundamental soundness of the structure within which I reside (particularly over plumbing) because that is my lot in life, my concern was mostly "Uh, does this mean I have bigger plumbing issues? Or is the issue limited to the faucet?"

While it may not matter with replacement, I'm still interested in the failure. There's a collar(?) within the handle that should screw onto the pipe. I can't figure out any way to get it in place because it's slightly loose within the handle. It seems like it's being retained some way from within, but I'm not sure how. If this is all because there's something that broke inside, I can't see it and really curious as to what and why.

An aggravating underlying condition is that the water on my block (maybe a slightly larger area in the neighborhood) was shut off for a few hours one day a few weeks ago. Since then, when some water using objects (washer, dishwasher, toilets) turn on or draw water, there is a strong ticking noise that lasts for a little bit and then eventually subsides.

It's a ticking, not a banging, and I can't quite identify where it's coming from. It's most apparent in the basement (and the main water cutoff is down here), but I can't tell from where.
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