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Michelin nomenclature: the old LTX became the Defender LTX. The old Latitude Touring became the Premier LTX.

Yeah, it's a tough one. 2000 to 2004, five winters, I did fine with my Audi A4 and all-seasons but had some hairy moments. Since then, I've been spoiled (and protected) by dedicated winter tires, whether on RWD or AWD.

I'm not concerned with the Defender not being able to plow through, with the AWD & clearance, it absolutely should. I'm just debating whether I want the best for each case and go to the expense and trouble or do a good compromise. I think I already know the answer, I hate compromise. If I were 65 and had a bad back, one set of Defender LTX's would be an easy solution.

Bren: The LTX is T-rated. There is no way a T-rated tire is going to feel as planted as an H or V-rated tire in three seasons. It wears like iron, to me that indicates hard rubber. Its sipes are cut like snow tires, but I don't think it will grip like a Blizzak or a Nokian (or an X-ice).

I guess I'll keep looking for two sets. I seem to have answered my own question.
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