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I'm pretty sure that we had the Michelin LTX tires on our 4Runner after the stock tires were done (don't recall if the name included the word "defender", but I can say that the tread design looks identical). It spend a whole Minnesota winter plowing effortlessly through remarkably frequent and deep snow, and the rest of the time on dry pavement in MN and FL. The Michelins were so much better than the stock Dunlop Grandtreks in all conditions, that it's not fair to even mention them in the same sentence.

I can't say that I have extensive experience with tires in this range, so it's certainly possible that there are others better than the LTX. But for what it's worth, if I was in the same position again looking for SUV tires, these would be at the top of my shopping list. Partially because I had such a good experience with them, but also because I've always been pretty partial to the quality of the Michelin brand.
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