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Originally Posted by equ View Post
If money were no object, I'd get an 18" winter set with Nokian Hakka R2's or whatever (failing that Blizzak's) and put some H or V-rated rubber for three seasons.
I can't answer any of your questions.. but I'll throw this out there.

I'm starting to question the value of pure snow tires on an AWD vehicle unless you really, truly need max snow performance. In theory my xi wagon is my "snow vehicle", but I end up driving it on dry pavement a lot anyway - sometimes I'm not sure how big a storm is going to be, etc. And for all that driving, the tread squirm and soft sidewalls negatively impact the driving experience.

I put 205/50/16 Michelin x-ice3's on the wheels that came on the wagon and it's just not enough tire for a vehicle that heavy. What will 5000 lbs of JGC lbs do to Blizzak siped tread on dry pavement? In hindsight I wish I had gotten new wheels with 225's, and I think I might have been better off with performance snows.

Then again, there's satisfaction in owning a maxed out snow machine and I go back and forth. So... basically I'm of no use here.
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