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Originally Posted by equ View Post
There have been threads on crossover tires as well as light-truck tires... It's also been a while, so here goes.

The 2015 JGC needs tires. The goodyear fortera's that it came with are original to the vehicle with 34k miles. It's fine driving around in the dry, but not snowstorm or puddle material (likely never great tires to begin with).

If money were no object, I'd get an 18" winter set with Nokian Hakka R2's or whatever (failing that Blizzak's) and put some H or V-rated rubber for three seasons.

My local tire shop recommended Michelin Defender LTX on the stock wheels. When I said I'm more of a two sets of wheels kind of guy, he looked at me like I have two heads and showed me his plow truck wearing said Defender's.

So that's one option. T-rated, probably "good in the snow", supposed to wear very well, comes with 12/32nds. I'm concerned I won't like it on the highway, but I don't know. It would also mean driving 265/50/20 year round instead of going with smaller wheels for winter.

The other option is to get two sets.I already bought and sold one "wrong" winter set (245/70/17, great size but did not clear heavy duty brakes, either due to diesel or towing package). I'd find another one.

Then for the 3-seasons, I'd likely pick the Pirelli Scorpion Verde Plus. (Michelin Premier LTX, the Latitude replacement, is highly reviewed, but starts out at 8.5/32nds, and I can't bear that).

Any Defender and Verde Plus stories?
We have Pirelli's on our X5. They seem fine, but I don't drive it much (so I don't remember what model they are; they're OEM--probably one of the Scorpion run flat models.) We have a spare in this car, so we will dump the run flats when the time comes.

We had the Michelin Latitudes on the last X5, which I drove primarily, and I liked them a lot. I am solidly a Michelin fan.
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