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Originally Posted by clyde View Post
, my concern was mostly "Uh, does this mean I have bigger plumbing issues?
I doubt it. It looks like those threads are crap and over time that handle backed off the threads. Now nothing except the friction of the o-ring is holding the stopper in place. Whenever you shut off your water, there's a pressure blip in the system and it popped the stopper out
While it may not matter with replacement, I'm still interested in the failure. There's a collar(?) within the handle that should screw onto the pipe. I can't figure out any way to get it in place because it's slightly loose within the handle. It seems like it's being retained some way from within, but I'm not sure how. If this is all because there's something that broke inside, I can't see it and really curious as to what and why.
i agree w. ZBB. I bet the stubby part of the handle unthreads and in there is a set screw or something that keeps the internally threaded portion of the handle in place.
An aggravating underlying condition is that the water on my block (maybe a slightly larger area in the neighborhood) was shut off for a few hours one day a few weeks ago. Since then, when some water using objects (washer, dishwasher, toilets) turn on or draw water, there is a strong ticking noise that lasts for a little bit and then eventually subsides.

It's a ticking, not a banging, and I can't quite identify where it's coming from. It's most apparent in the basement (and the main water cutoff is down here), but I can't tell from where.
Probably some trapped air, or it could just be contraction of the pipes with the cold water flowing through...
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