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Originally Posted by JST View Post
Behold! The worst car review you'll read this week:
Ha! Been a while since i've read newsweek- didn't realize they did car reviews now.

A few reviews have called out the lazy transmission and outdated interior/electronics as well. Didn't understand this sentence:
"Even in the sportiest drive mode, making the oomph of power as G-forces are exerted on your body a mundane event. In this way, it's much like an electric vehicle, which doesn't use a transmission, but rather delivers straight power."

That's kind of a backhanded compliment to say that it delivers power like an EV...

Anyway, I suspect this is a car that I'd probably struggle to actually pull the trigger one due to some of its shortcomings. Would make a great used car though. Will be next to impossible to find since i"m sure they'll probably only sell like 10 of them.
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