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Free: Unused Epic Friction brake pads for E46 (and others)

I have a never-used set of Epic Friction brake pads, ordered for my E46 wagon. Epic's part numbers are EB1F (front) and EB9R (rear). Those match to BMW 34-11-6-761-244 and 34-21-6-778-168, respectively. These pads are completely unused - both front sets and 1 rear set are still in their shrink wrap, and the other rear set had "Noise Free" anti-squeal applied to (and later removed from) one pad's backing plate.

I decided not to use them because they seem to need to be cut down by the installer - the leading and trailing edges are not beveled and the pads are thicker than OEM.

According to the BMW ETK, those BMW part numbers fit a bunch of different E46 models as well as a few other models like the Z4.

I think Epic is out of business, as their web page copyright is still 2015 and a search for any pads ends up at a blank page.

Anyway, these are free to a good home for the cost of shipping - 6 lbs from 07306.
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