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Originally Posted by equ View Post
I bought this (and accessories) for $100. It does the job, it's light and it's loud. Didn't know anything about compressors and oiled vs. non-oiled when I bought.
I have one similar to this, but a little larger tank + an extending handle and a set of wheels so it can roll behind me. It doesn't like the move to SC, or is about to fail. Needed it last week (heat index of 105) and the motor thermal tripped after filling up the second time.

AF, back sometime in the 1990's it was demonstrated to me how much static electricity is generated from an air blow gun. Chances of frying something in your dash might be slim to none, but I would not risk it to remove dust. Thousands of volts can be generated. There are ESD air guns to eliminate the voltage chance, but why risk it?
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