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Originally Posted by AF View Post
You put that tree in your brand new truck bed ... I am guessing you’re not worried about scratching your paint :eeps

I would be a really bad truck owner I would never use it for its intended use for fear of scratching it up.
When I bought my first truck, a brand new Ford Ranger XLT Supercab, the bedliner was the very first thing I bought for it. It really protected the bed from rust, and I hauled a lot of stuff with it, including my Honda XR200 dirt bike all over the place.

The problem with owning a pickup is your friends who don't have one will ask you for "favors", LOL.

(But if you do enough "favors", you'll never run out of beers).

2016 Toyota Sienna SE - hers
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2011 Tao Tao 50 - whoevers bike is in the shop
2007 Reinell 186 FNS - the dog's
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