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Originally Posted by Sharp11 View Post
I had no idea you were banned - how did you ever manage to do that

London Talking (Mel) cast the bait and a few of us showed; me, spidermon (Pete), equ, rumatt - Captain Audio (Chuck) and Kamdog (Myron) were also on the menu, but had to back out.

It was a great night, looking fwd to seeing these mugs again - if you're in the NJ area, let us know.
A major over-reaction by one of the mods, IMO. Apparently telling Bob Wiggins he had never gotten a blowjob made a certain mod blow a gasket. Maybe he's never gotten one either! But I'm fine with it. I no longer have to see the crap posted by BLT, GregD, and Harp. But I will miss seeing their collective heads explode when Obama gets re-elected in November 2012!
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