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Originally Posted by lemming View Post
considering this is a steal of a lease --there's nothing here that sounds horrible. but mostly positive.
That sums it up nicely

For the price, I really have no complaints. Just surprised at some of the plastics used and do miss having heated seats (for my back).

Now that I have an SUV, I find myself seriously intrigued by the idea of getting an x3 m40i when this lease is up. From what I've read/watched it seems like the best of the bunch (overall) for now. Then again, there's no way I'd pay $700+ a month for one (which is what they are going for currently). Will be interesting to see what is available in 2 years. I still kind of love the F31 wagon (likely could get a blowout deal on a leftover demo or something in 2 years), but it'd be hard to go back to a 4 cyl turbo after this car. Am also game for several FCA vehicles.
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