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Here's an update...

There has been a lot of work done to the car now.
LOTS of discoveries - some good. Many not so....

The bottom line is the car's basic structure is in VERY good shape.
No rust in the usual areas that can cause issues with the E9.
Everything is in Great shape that way.
Suspension and main body members are doing well.
This is good news.

As I mentioned before - both front fenders had been replaced in the past (more than 15 years ago).
The work was done to a decent standard - to a point. The not so good point was the dash attachment is off on one end.
The investigation to find out about the fenders led to one big discovery...
At some point in the past there was a BIG electrical short/fire near the fuse box that damaged a bunch of wiring. The repairs were done in a bit of a cheesy manner - and explain a couple of problems I have with lights and such.
All that will be repaired - when the car is back in the 'going together' mode.

So - what are some of the highlights?
  • Dash has been restored (new wood also). Set aside to install later
  • Interior being disassembled
  • M90 is finished. Will be awesome... Custom oil pump and EFI system (made to look period correct as a CSi would have)
  • Car did NOT have LSD. Will have one now. Nuts.. More $$... oh well.
  • Will get brake upgrade: Vented rotors front, solid rotors rear (from solid front and rear drum setup)
  • Rear window mechanisms upgraded (regulators replaced and new motors)

The engine wiring harness is being created now. See pic
The rust is being cut out and the car will go to the welding shop soon.
From there - probably go out to Nevada to get painted (can use the preferred paints and chemicals in NV, not in CA).
Back to Alameda after and then put it all back together.

I have a couple of choices to make -
Stereo set up - I want to keep it period looking, but would like modern functionality....
Headlights - I have E-Code Hella's now - might be nice to get new ones...???
Tires - will probably get new tires after this is all done (will keep the wheels I have)

From there - will have some time kill.
Hopefully a restful time of it for a bit. Who knows, I may have to take a side trip to Reno... when the car is in the body shop...

I will update again as things progress...
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