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Originally Posted by Josh (PA) View Post
I should have posted earlier, but my buddy tried to Carvana his boxster on Friday of last week. Had the offer accepted, all the paperwork done and then found out that (in PA at least) they were barred from doing transactions due to being non-essential. His offer was put on hold and I believe was said to be valid up to the point they are allowed to pick it up.

Did you confirm they are able to come and get it?
Nothing yet. The process seems to be:
  • Accept offer
  • upload docs (photos/pdfs of title, license, registration, odometer, and payoff quote if there's an outstanding loan
  • wait for them to "verify" the info
  • upload any supplementary docs they may ask for
  • schedule pickup

But like a lot of online processes, you don't really get to see full details of each step and what sub-steps there may be until you're on that step. So, I don't know what I don't know.

Their website says they are experiencing delays and closings that impact appointments and working with customers individually where those occur. The website says they will not extend an offer beyond 7 days due to c19, but is silent on what happens if you accept an offer and the transaction cannot be completed because of c19.

Maryland closed down non-essential businesses yesterday. Like a lot of states, the order makes some auto services essential, but leaves auto sales in an unclear status. A coalition of auto trade groups asked the WH yesterday to clarify the federal guidance on car/truck sales most of the state orders rely on for defining essential businesses.

My expectation is that I won't be able to get it done in my driveway. If that's the case, I am hopeful I can schedule the pick up in DC or VA.

Because of the wackiness in the quote numbers and not having any email confirmation of accepting the offer, I'm half-thinking when (if?) they contact me today or tomorrow, it will be a "We're very sorry, but..." message.
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