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Originally Posted by rumatt View Post
Yes, exactly.

Not to get too nerdy with a bicycle analogy.. but it's relevant if you squint enough. A while back most bikes had a triple chainring on the front. Then it got trendy to simplify to a double. It is lighter and simpler and has nearly the same range. The problem is that you spend most
of the time in that awkward gap between gears, where you're cross chaining and need to shift every time the terrain changes slightly. You're rarely in the sweet spot.

The triple was simple: leave it in the middle ring most of the time, and you have a nice straight chainline. Come to a big hill and you shift down. Downhill or want to go super fast you shift up. Couldn't be simpler.

Conclusion: clearly you need 3 (or more) of everything in life to be happy.
I love my 1x bike drivetrain, never going back to multiple, guess that is why I only have one car
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