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VW talk for my wife basically died down after dieselgate

1. This weekend we went and checked out the Macan. Wife test drove a loaded S, very nice car from the passenger seat. I spec out a Macan base with the options I would get and it is around ~54k.

2. She is also(more) interested in the new Mazda CX-9, plan to go test drive in the near future. I think the one she would get would be $35-40k.

3. as also thinking the Jaguar F-Pace looks pretty nice for the money, start at $40k. You can get it in a diesel too which might be nice since my wife drives a decent amount of miles a year, ~15k. Reliability scare me with this option though.

Anything else to consider? She likes wagons but with limited choices she is doesnt mind SUV too. 7 seats are nice but she can probably get by with 5.
To me the mileage , ~15k, scares me a bit with the non-japanese luxury choices. Also it would seat outside during the day with work in a so so area.
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