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We got our '13 TDI with 24k miles on it. Per records, it had no warranty issues under its first owner, just two oil changes (every 10k for the diesel).

We are now at about 37k. We have had one issue, a hard/no start after a particular cold/freeze/thaw cycle. 2 seconds of googling shows that the 2.0TDI engine requires a cold weather fix kit, as the intercooler condensation can freeze then melt and drip into the intake or some such thing. The real annoyance was VW dealers, the first dealer couldn't "reproduce" the problem, checked our battery and sent us back. The second time it happened, we called a tow truck and now apparently the fix is in.

Otherwise, car feels great, gets nearly 50mpg, almost always over 42, with good pep and tight as a drum. My lower mileage e46M is a rattle bucket in comparison.
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